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Chocolate for Lovers - the ideal gift

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 at 8:59 AM

This is one of my choices for the definitive chocolate for lovers as a surprise gift. There are two sets, the silver and gold collections.
Just looking at the shape of the chocolates you know that this one is meant for those who are dear to your heart of hearts. Chocolate lover of all ages will love eating these - the packaging is what i would also call in fine style, but still appears unisex in the sense that a man would not feel embarrased by receiving such a fancy package, due to the fact that, although it is finely presented and dressed, the decorative style does not appear feminine, though rather high class and luxurious. It's almost a shame to bite into one of these masterpieces of artistic chocolatery, but im sure we'll all manage to overcome the desire to keep them and finally get up enough desire to be able to demolish the lot.
If you don't know which one of the two sets is best, buy one of each and try them out first, go on.. you won't regret it.
Mind you, seeing as you are most probably going to fall for this brand after trying it, you might as well go for the deluxe collection and see to it that all the family gets some.. you can try all the major line of products that way. Don't wory about wightwatching, you can go for a jog around the house afterwards and work it of. You know its worth it for the
pleasure of eating these delicious high class chocolates. You'll forget about Switzerland as soon as you taste the Bodega Chocolates brand. What is amazing about this company is that they also still hand-make all their products in small batches, and also are involved in Charity benefit projects


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