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Michel Cluizel

Thursday, July 30, 2009 at 9:46 AM

Only the Connosseur of Chocolate knows of Michel Cluizel - and only the Connosseur is prepared to pay for it - but he how knows what delights are hidden within the creations of Michels products is more that prepared to fork out for the acclaimed luxury of pampering oneself with this, perhaps most elegant of chocolate products..

About Michel and his Chocolate
Michel Cluizel has been a manufacturer of high-quality chocolate in the French town of Damville in Normandy since 1947

The Company
The Michel Cluizel company began when Michel Cluizel's parents March and Marcelle Cluizel expanded their pastry business into making chocolate from their own family kitchen. Later in 1947 Michel became an apprentice in his parent's business.

Their first export order came in 1981 as they dispatched products to the USA and they opened their first shop in Paris in 1987.

The company has 200 employees, including the four children of the owner and name sake of the company. Michel Cluizel owns a store on Rue Saint-Honore in Paris. In August 2004, the company opened a subsidiary in the United States. However, one is no longer able to order from the company's web site in the United States. It is unclear why the company has ceased selling chocolate products through its American web site.

Links - www.cluizel.com

Godiva Chocolates

at 9:33 AM

My wife is a freak when it comes to chocolate - she just turned me on to a brand i had never heard of before but now I am about to have a phase on the stuff i think (especially since we bought a gift basket of it and live alone so we have plenty to get rid of)

About Godiva Chocolate

Godiva Chocolatier is a manufacturer of premium chocolates and related products. Godiva owns and operates more than 450 retail boutiques and shops in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia and is available via over 10,000 specialty retailers.

It also has a direct-sales business through its website or via a toll-free number.

Besides chocolates, Godiva also sells truffles, coffee, cocoa, biscuits, dipped fruits and sweets, "Chocolixir" beverages, wedding and party favors and other items arranged in gift baskets. Godiva's signature package is the Gold Ballotin (French for "small, elegant box of chocolates"). Godiva also produces seasonal and limited edition chocolates with special packaging for all major holidays. Godiva also has license agreements for the production of ice cream, cheesecake, coffee pods and liqueur that comes in several chocolate-related flavors.

Godiva Chocolates is relatively expensive, even compared to lesser-known brands that are considered to be of higher quality, like Valrhona or Michel Cluizel.

Bride And Groom Gourmet Chocolate Oreo

at 9:16 AM


Sweet expertise is another extremely creative producer of designer chocolate for special occasions - I wouldlike to present you with one of their latest and greatest products designed for weddings and related events.
Delight your guests with this absolutely adorable combo! Designed to look like a wedding dress and tuxedo, this pair of gourmet chocolate covered Oreos is certain to leave a lasting impression. Perfect as wedding favors, engagement party favors or bridal shower favors.

Jennifer Savinelli launched Sweet Expertise in the year 2006 after many years of making inventive chocolate creations for her family and friends.She started selling her genial chocolate fantasies to various businesses, including department stores, caterers, gourmet food stores, florists, party planners and many restaurants.

I personally have to admit something though.. i bought a set to give to some aquaintances who were getting married, but one night i got the munchies and couldnt resist it.. i ate them all and had to buy something else on the wedding. It was worth the shameful feeling though.

Round Lollipop Wedding Cake

at 9:05 AM


I can't believe what Chocolate dot com have come up with this is one of the wierdest and most delicious goodies i have ever had in my mouth!
Whoever came up with this idea must have been on some kind of psychotropic drugs or something.. but you have to gime them credit, it tastes absolutely amazing. This is also sure to be an eye opener when you give it to someone as a gift. I mean whoever would think of including an edible foto of your choice?

I think you should try this i really mean it. It is a trip into a world of chocolate avant garde design and taste sensations.

Product Information; Chocolate.com Personalized Chocolates

Round Lollipop Wedding Cake Roses Chocolate In Clamshell

Round Lollipop Wedding Cake Roses Chocolate In Clamshell
From Chocolate.com Personalized Chocolates
Made exclusively by Chocolate(dot)com, our chocolate lollipops are one of our most popular items! Round, heart, and star-shaped pops are made from 1 full ounce of premium chocolate featuring the edible photo or logo of your choice. Perfect for celebrations, parties, business promotions and life events. Starting at $4.00 each; minimum order: 24 pops.
Further Product Details;

Number of Pieces - 24 Gift Note Available? - Yes
Send to Multiple Recipients? - Yes Advance Delivery Dates? - Yes
Package Dimensions - Length : 10 inches, Height : 10 inches, Width : 10 inches
Weight - Packaged Weight : 60 oz, Product Weight: 29, Edible Weight: 27
Contents - nuts:No, sugar:Yes, all kosher:No, all fair trade:No, traces of nuts:Yes, dairy:Yes, eggs:No, gluten:No, all organic:No, all vegan:No, alcohol:No, soy:No

Cadburys - an English Chocolate Institution

Friday, May 8, 2009 at 4:49 AM

Cadbury's is perhaps the Chocolate i know the best, and have eaten the most of during my life. This is primarily due to the fact that i was born in the U.K. and grew up with hundreds of Cadbury's products in plain view in every conrer shop. Cadbury's chocolate has now become so populare that is is available in Thailand (where i now live), in every Seven Eleven shop, and a lot of local small supermarkets stock Cadbury's too!

Here's what Cadbury's themselves have to say about some of their products;

Cadbury Dairy Milk is Britain’s favourite chocolate and was launched in 1905.
It is sold in 33 countries as diverse as Thailand, South Africa and Canada.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar 2.6oz-pack 3 Bars

Here is a basic History of Cadburys Products (taken from cadbury's Website)


John Cadbury opens his first shop in Bridge Street, Birmingham, selling tea, coffee, cocoa and drinking chocolate.


John Cadbury moves into manufacturing, renting an old malthouse in Crooked Lane to make cocoa and drinking chocolate.


After buying a cocoa press from a Dutch manufacturer Cadbury Brothers launch a new product with no added starch, Cocoa Essence.


The first Cadbury Easter Eggs were produced. Made of dark chocolate they contained sugar-coated chocolate drops.


The first Cadbury milk chocolate goes on sale, made of milk powder paste, cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar.


Cadbury Dairy Milk was launched in a bid to rival Swiss products and take advantage of new technology. Dairy milk is perhaps one of the longest surviving and best selling of all cadbury Chocolate products. I myself must have consumed 2000 of them in my lifetime!

Buy Cadburys Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars' 2.6oz-pack 3 Bars


Bournville chocolate was first produced, taking its name from the factory where it was made.


J.S. Fry & Sons launched Fry’s Turkish Delight, rose-flavoured Turkish delight covered in milk chocolate.


Milk Tray launched, as an ‘everyday’ box of chocolates – stylish but without frills. I love the original TV Commercial Ad for Milk tray it feels so Nostalgic to watch it. The James Bond style approach was a hit when it comes to catching the viewer's interest. I must have both received and given tens of these chocolate boxes (as we call them in UK). Grandma and Mum always got one on Brithdays and Mother's day. It was always a classic gift and served us many times when we couldn't think what to buy the person for their birthday, or special day.

Watch some of the Old Cadbury's Milk Tray as a playlist. It's almost as exciting as watching a 007 James Bond Movie.
The one below is from 1978 and was a classic - the motto of the product became a common phrase used when a man went out of his way for any reason to acheive something (!) "And all because, the Lady Loves, Milk Tray"
My favourite of all the ads made for Milk Tray is the speedboat ad from 1970s. I have included it as a google video below for you to enjoy and see why i like it so much!


Cadburys Flake Case of 24

Flake is born, when a Cadbury employee notices how chocolate drained off the moulds formed a stream of folded chocolate. The motto "Only the Crumbliest, Flakiest Chocolate; Tastes like Chocolate never Tasted Before!" became known worldwide with the famous TV Commercial for Cadbury's Flake Chocolate. The flaky consistency of this product became the favourite of many, with varied techniques appearing of how to dispose of the remaining choco flakes which crumbled off in the packet whilst biting off chunks of this wonderful creation of chocolate genius.

Watch Cadbury FlakeClassic Ad (1969)

Watch Cadbury's Flake advert - 1985


Crunchie, honeycomb covered in thick milk chocolate, is launched by J.S. Fry & Sons.

Visit the website of Crunchie on "Get That friday feeling" dot com

Click on the images of the Crunchie Bars to order some.


Cadbury Roses hit the shops, with distinctive blue packaging and a rose design.


Fudge was launched. Still popular today it became most famous for its advertising jingle ‘A finger of fudge is just enough…’


Fry’s launched Picnic, made of caramel, raisins, peanuts and milk chocolate, in 1958.


The Aztec bar was launched as a rival to Mars with a lavish TV campaign and life size cardboard Aztec warriors in shops.


Curly Wurly first appeared in this year. It was voted the best ‘retro’ chocolate bar still in general production in 2004.


Cadbury Creme Eggs first appeared in this year, though the company had made cream-filled eggs since 1923.


Wispa is launched this year. After a prominent TV advertising campaign in 1983 it becomes an iconic product of the 1980s.


Boost was launched this year. Originally a Coconut Boost it’s evolved since and various versions have been on sale, with Biscuit Boost being launched in 1989


Fuse launched selling 40 million bars in the first week, and becoming the UK’s favourite confectionery within eight weeks.


Cadbury Heroes first appear on the shelves – a tub full of miniature bars including Dairy Milk, Twirl, Fudge and Crunchie.


Wispa is relaunched for a limited time after an online petition and campaign by members of the public.


Twisted arrives in the shops. This bar filled with Creme Egg fondant makes the Creme Egg experience available all year round.


Wispa is now permanently back on the shelves after its successful temporary relaunch in 2007.

Cadbury Dairy Milk continues to go from strength to strength today with more than 250 million bars sold every year. There are twelve different varieties to enjoy including Whole Nut, Fruit & Nut and new Apricot Crumble Crunch and Cranberry and Granola.

Every ½ pound of Cadbury Dairy Milk contains a glass and a half full of fresh liquid milk.

One of my favourites as a child was Cadbury's Creme Eggs. At first, they were only available at Eastertime, but they bec ame so popular that they began appearing in sweet shops all the year round after a year or two (to my delight). I used to love biting the top of the egg, and then slowly scooping the yellow and white filling out with my tongue. Then i would eat the empty chocolae husk at the end. I can't buy them here in Thailand in the shops, but luckily i can order per ems over Amazon, and buy these in boxes to last me a while.

Signature Tower - Truffles, English Toffee, Soft Centers, Brittle & More! 56 oz.

David's Cookies Mother's Day 2009

Chocolate.com (review)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 at 7:00 PM
Chocolate.com is one of the top three manufacturers and vendors of high quality cocoa products on the world wide web;

Chocolate.comThe manufacturer's website features handmade, artisan, and gourmet chocolate gifts from world-class chocolate vendors. The Chocolate.com catalog contains thousands of products from over 80 vendors that span a wide array of confections: Truffles, chocolate bars, fudge, brownies, cookies, cakes. All orders are processed internally and securely. We follow the customer through the fulfillment process, providing support and shipping updates at each step of the way.
All chocolate dot com products i can say to be of the highest quality and the packaging is also of a very high end format, leaving you feeling totally pampered from the moment you begin opening the box, till the moment you finish the last chocolate!

Chocolate.com products are perfect for seasonal offerings and specialty food sites. Our catalog is managed by chocolate experts, updating and refreshing our offering for each new season. Kosher, organic, vegan, sugar-free and fair-trade are examples of our specialty categories.
Try chocolate dot com's Grande Gift Box Assortment This is one of my favourite of all packages i can manage to get my fill no matter how if guests are present when the box is opened
Mind you on a good day i can finish the box to myself too. Slurp.
Apart from the Grande Gift box, i also often purchase the Sweet Treats Chocolate Cookie And Candy Large Gift Basket which is a real mega pig out. You'll need some friends to help you with that one though.. unless you are trying to break the guiness book of records for the most chocolate eaten.
Chocolate Gifts from Chocolate.com.

Chocolate on Mother's day!

at 10:23 AM
give Chocolate for Mother's Day May 10, 2009

Lavish her with the gift of celebration, of luxury, and of the best Mom love wrapped in paper: chocolate! And not just any chocolate for this Happy Mother’s Day! It has to be from one of the best small-batch American chocolatiers that still hand-make their confections using the finest of ingredients, and the Frenchiest of all superb French styles!

Mother's Day Gifts from Chocolate.com
Where can mere mortals find such unabashed chocolate heaven? Perhaps only at Chocolate.com, the unique artisanal marketplace for real chocolatiers. Consider the Gourmet Chocolate section, where many little angelic chocolate tidbits reside. How long has it been since you have given your Mom a beautiful box of Chocolate Petit Fours made by the Danish chef, Fritz Knipschildt, who has professionally trained in France, Spain and his native Denmark?

Let our 24 piece chocolate collection escort Mom on a journey through flavors like Local Blueberry Port and Chamomile Honey Caramel. Find this jewel and a king's ransom of others under the Chocolate Gift heading.

Here's a customer's review of the product; "WOW! First off, your packaging is so high-end and beautiful. It says “quality” right from the start. Then the flavors are just wonderful. There wasn’t one that I didn’t like! I cut each one into quarters so I could sample each one yesterday. I was amazed how one little thing like a pignoli nut or pumpkin seed can add so much to the flavor. You both achieved perfection in chocolate. I have never had the opportunity to taste something so special. :) - Christine"

Don’t forget to consider a great, big and just plain wonderful Gift Basket for Mom. Having this Sweet Treats Chocolate Cookie And Candy Large Gift Basket come to her door will make her almost, that’s almost as happy as a new grandchild on the way.

So choose some special Chocolate.com chocolate today for your Mom. You can order early, and just specify the day you want your gift to arrive. You’ll be glad you did, but most of all, so will she.


Sweet Treats Chocolate Cookie And Candy Large Gift Basket

About Chocolate dot com
Chocolate.com features handmade, artisan, and gourmet chocolate gifts from world-class chocolate vendors. The Chocolate.com catalog contains thousands of products from over 80 vendors that span a wide array of confections: Truffles, chocolate bars, fudge, brownies, cookies, cakes. All orders are processed internally and securely. We follow the customer through the fulfillment process, providing support and shipping updates at each step of the way.

Aphrodite Handmade Chocolates - English Gourmet Luxury Chocolates Hand Made in England by artisan chocolatier Janet Vine - Delicious Fresh Fruit Truffles - Fruit & Liqueur Creams - Liqueur Marzipans - Champagne Cocktail Truffles and more. Delivered 'WORLDWIDE' - FREE UK DELIVERY