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Wednesday, May 6, 2009 at 6:51 AM
BODEGA CHOCOLATES - The legacy of "Nena"

Hailed as the Number one Chocolate producer in the World, for their signature Truffles & Confections BODEGA is the choice of celebrities, royalty and folks throughout the world. BODEGA products are crafted using an old-fashioned European-style process to create their magical blends of “chocolat”. Personalization is available.


Today the legacy continues with the “chocolat” magic of Nena, their great grandmother, whose dark chocolate delicacies brought common folk and royalty to a tree lined cozy storefront – and, where an espresso, always accompanied the purchase.

While growing up, the girls would always help make the confections… especially during the holidays. After the death of their beloved Grandmother, they began wondering if folks throughout the United States would appreciate the delicious magical confections, just as Nena had made them.

Indeed, the magic continued…and, in 1995, they began making the chocolates in a tiny little kitchen/storefront in Dana Point, California. While the location had virtually no walk by traffic, soon…just as in olden days… lines grew out the door, with many locals riding bicycles to taste the early morning samples, and chauffeurs picking up goodies for the rich and famous. One fine day, that very same year, the prestigious magazine BON APPETIT, discovered the “magic” and hailed BODEGA as the “International…Chocolate Supreme!”

Throughout the years, BODEGA has been the recipient of many national and international confectionery awards. Products are still made by hand, and unlike the larger chocolate makers, all confections are made in the old-fashioned “small batch” method…meaning, no batch exceeds 100 lbs. (Imagine the Christmas order place by a private family for their holiday gift giving of over 1 ton!!!)

Today, as in generations ago…all BODEGA confections continue to be made in their secret process, with the strictest adherence to quality. All BODEGA products are KOSHER.

BODEGA offers a Charitable Donation & Fundraiser Program to local and national Charities, Churches and Temples.

A percentage of each sale goes to the selected organization.


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