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English toffee chocolates

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 at 7:48 AM
English toffee is just something i really loved since i was a small child. Every time Easter, Mother's day, Christmas or birthdays were in the air, everyone knew that i had to have my English Toffees. Apart from that, my mum liked me eating them as it stopped me from talking due to being busy chewing on the classic tough-at-the-beginning-but gets-ever-softer-as-you-go-along English Toffees.

I hadn't seen any for the last few years, so i was delighted to stumble upon the Award Winning English toffees from Bodega Chocolates, and ordered a box as soon as i found this product. Since then ive been chewing constantly, and ordered another 5 boxes so i have enough to last me for a while, as my friends (even the ones who claim to not have a sweet tooth) seem to be aquiring a taste for the things and they are running out fast!
I can but recommend these toffees if you like a good old chew on the classic english toffee. Although they take a long time to chew they are soft enough at first bite for anybody to eat without any effort needed to bite into them. Just the right texture is what i'd call them.


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