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Round Lollipop Wedding Cake

Thursday, July 30, 2009 at 9:05 AM


I can't believe what Chocolate dot com have come up with this is one of the wierdest and most delicious goodies i have ever had in my mouth!
Whoever came up with this idea must have been on some kind of psychotropic drugs or something.. but you have to gime them credit, it tastes absolutely amazing. This is also sure to be an eye opener when you give it to someone as a gift. I mean whoever would think of including an edible foto of your choice?

I think you should try this i really mean it. It is a trip into a world of chocolate avant garde design and taste sensations.

Product Information; Chocolate.com Personalized Chocolates

Round Lollipop Wedding Cake Roses Chocolate In Clamshell

Round Lollipop Wedding Cake Roses Chocolate In Clamshell
From Chocolate.com Personalized Chocolates
Made exclusively by Chocolate(dot)com, our chocolate lollipops are one of our most popular items! Round, heart, and star-shaped pops are made from 1 full ounce of premium chocolate featuring the edible photo or logo of your choice. Perfect for celebrations, parties, business promotions and life events. Starting at $4.00 each; minimum order: 24 pops.
Further Product Details;

Number of Pieces - 24 Gift Note Available? - Yes
Send to Multiple Recipients? - Yes Advance Delivery Dates? - Yes
Package Dimensions - Length : 10 inches, Height : 10 inches, Width : 10 inches
Weight - Packaged Weight : 60 oz, Product Weight: 29, Edible Weight: 27
Contents - nuts:No, sugar:Yes, all kosher:No, all fair trade:No, traces of nuts:Yes, dairy:Yes, eggs:No, gluten:No, all organic:No, all vegan:No, alcohol:No, soy:No


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